Creating Aliases in Wireshark to improve Wifi analysis

What if, we can name source and destination mac addresses wireshark!. Aliases are a boon while analysing wireshark packet captures.

This post describes process of creating aliases on macOS.

Here lets see how to do the same in kali-linux.

Kali-Linux WiresharkProfile

—> edit file in /root/.config/wireshark/ethers —> if file does not exist, create“ethers” —> Create aliases for required devices,

—————————————————————- AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF (AP)-Router DE:AD:BE:EF:DE:AD (Client)-AlfaCard —————————————————————– Note:no spaces in naming aliases Once aliases are created, start packet capture to see the result.

Wireshark PacketCapture

— By Fabian Darius