Windows command line reference – Part03

This blog post is continuation from Part01 and Part02.

18. List DLL's used by a program

List DLL

19. Check process for a particular DLL

20. Kill processes

21. Service Details

22. Configure Service

22. WMIC help

c:\wmic  /user:[username]  /password:[password] /node:[remote system IP/name] [command to execute]

for list of sytems

23. wmic usage

24. Get user account details with wmic

25. List security patches

26. Using wmic to list mac address

27. Result formatting

Example: * wmic /output:c:\updates.html qfe /format:htable * /format /? will list all available format * /format:htable was selected for html format

References 1. Windows Commands 2. Windows command line cheat sheet 3. Command line kung-fu blog

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— By Fabian Darius